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Dakota Aluminum Grain Trailer and Beds!

Dakota Grain Bed Dongola Truck Sales is an authorized dealer for Dakota Grain Boxes

2" x 4" x 3/16" extruded top rails begin the construction. Heavy duty sidewalls and inner locking folloring tongue and groove fitted. Light weight and engineered for strength Dakota Grain Boxes set the standard.

The proven three piece swinging door allows professional operators many options for quick loading and unloading in any situation.  

Length Side Height Weight Cubic Feet Bushel Details
12'421848317280 Details
12'502100377334 Details
12'622220452401 Details
14'422156370326 Details
14'502450440389 Details
14'622590573468 Details
16'422464422373 Details
16'502800502445 Details
16'622960603534 Details
18'422772475419 Details
18'503150565500 Details
18'623330679601 Details
20'423080528466 Details
20'503500628556 Details
20'623700754668 Details
22'423388581513 Details
22'503850691612 Details
22'624070829734 Details
24'423696634559 Details
24'504440905801 Details
24'624200754667 Details

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