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Dakota Aluminum Grain Trailer and Beds!

Dongola Truck Sales is an authorized dealer for Dakota Trailer MFG., Inc

When it comes to making the most out of each load, nothing beats an aluminum trailers capacity.  This is why so many professional operators and framers alike have turned to using aluminum trailers in the past few years.  Rising fuel and labor cost has made it crucial each trip be maximized to its fullest extent.  Dakota Trailers MFG. Inc. understands this and is driven to build the best aluminum trailers available.

Each Dakota aluminum trailer is designed to be light while still maintaining exceptional quality and the strength that is demanded in the field.  With over 30 years of manufacturing trailers, it is easy to see the difference in a Dakota trailer.

Length Hoppers Axles Cubic Feet Bushel Weight Details
22'SingleSingle7656155200 Details
24'SingleSingle8156555400 Details
26'SingleSingle8466807500 Details
26'SingleTandem8467407500 Details
28'DoubleTandem9207407700 Details
30'DoubleTandem10208207850 Details
32'DoubleTandem11209008100 Details
34'DoubleTandem12009608150 Details
36'DoubleTandem131210508320 Details
38.6'DoubleTandem142511408490 Details
41'DoubleTandem148011808690 Details

    Standard Features
  • Super Duty Shur-Lok Tarp
  • 50,000 lb. Two-Speed Landing Gear
  • ABS Brakes and Auto Slack Adjusters
  • Hopper Door Locks
  • 8" Bottom Rail & 4x4 Top Rail
  • Front and Rear Ladders
  • Undercoating on Subframe and K-pin
    Optional Features
  • 72" Side Height
  • 102" Wide Body
  • Full Air Ride Suspension
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Pintle Hitch Packages
  • LED Light Packages
  • Front Mud Guards

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